JSNAA Scorecards - NHS View 2018

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The NHS View of the JSNAA indicator scorecards presents data on 204 indicators of health and wellbeing for:

  • GP Practices
  • Localities/Communities of Practice 
  • Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs)
  • East Sussex CCGs overall

For the first time data is also presented for the East Sussex Better Together (ESBT) area.

Please go to the Introduction section for a guide on how to use the scorecards.

Full Set

 JSNAA Scorecards - NHS View (Adobe PDF, 19.7MB)


You can also download the scorecards for individual sections below.
Please start with the introduction if you are new to viewing these scorecards.

Introduction (Adobe PDF, 438KB) (opens new window)

1 - Population (Adobe PDF, 3MB)

2 - Wider Determinants of Health and Wellbeing (Adobe PDF, 4.5MB)

3 - Healthy Lifestyles (Adobe PDF, 4.7MB)

4 - Disease and Poor Health (Adobe PDF, 9.4MB)

5 - GP Patient Survey (Adobe PDF, 1.9MB)

6 - Social Care (Adobe PDF, 3.1MB)

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Please acknowledge the use of these datasets in your work.
Source: Public Health, East Sussex County Council, www.eastsussexjsna.org.uk