JSNA Support Materials on Drugs and Alcohol

These joint strategic needs assessment (JSNA) support packs – updated annually and in their fourth year – will help local areas to develop JSNAs and local joint health and wellbeing strategies, which effectively address public health issues relating to alcohol, drug and tobacco use. Last year’s JSNA support pack was reviewed by local authority stakeholders. Their comments have been used to develop this year’s support pack.
The pack covers four topics: 
1. Alcohol harm prevention, treatment and recovery for adults
2. Drug prevention, treatment and recovery for adults
3. Tobacco control
4. Young people’s drug, alcohol and tobacco use.
For each of these topics, there are two documents:
1. A series of good practice evidence-based prompts to help local areas assess need, plan and commission effective services and interventions
2. Key data for each local area to help them commission effective prevention, treatment and recovery services and interventions.

Geography: Top tier Local Authorities in England

Organisation: Public Health England (PHE)

External link: http://www.nta.nhs.uk/healthcare-JSNA.aspx

Published profiles: The support packs published in September 2015, but updated in November to amend some errors, are available below.  Support packs have been updated in September 2017, however these contain data that we are not able to publish due to small numbers.  If you wish to see the document, please email us to request this and we will review your request.

East Sussex Alcohol JSNA Support Pack, Nov 2015 (Adobe PDF, 461KB) (opens new window)

East Sussex Drug JSNA Support Pack, Nov 2015 (Adobe PDF, 429KB) (opens new window)

East Sussex Young People's Substance Misuse JSNA Support Pack, Sept 2015 (Adobe PDF, 327KB) (opens new window)

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