Local Authority Interactive Tool (LAIT)
for Children & Young People

The Department for Education has developed the Local Authority Interactive Tool (LAIT) to provide easy access to a wide range of data related to children and young people sourced from various departments across government. It acts as a single central evidence base that helps support the Accountability Framework and Transparency Agenda.

The Tool provides the functionality to ‘benchmark’ an authority nationally and against either its Region or Statistical Neighbours. The data items are presented largely in the form of tables and charts, which can be varied and ‘exported’ from the system for use elsewhere.

The tool presents information in interactive tables and charts with the local authority’s rank and position within the national context. It includes data on:
    - looked-after children
    - child protection
    - special educational needs and disability (SEND)
    - pupil attainment
    - children’s health
    - post-16 circumstances
    - judgements from Ofsted
 The tool is regularly updated at the link below

Geography: Top tier Local Authorities in England

Organisation: Department for Education (DfE)

External link: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/local-authority-interactive-tool-lait

Published profiles: The Excel tool is available from the link above


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