Young People

This profile presents data on factors related to the health and wellbeing of young people and includes Young People’s Profiles. It is maintained by the National Child and Maternal Health Intelligence Network.

Key young people indicators

Including the Young People's Profiles, these indicators allow areas to see how they perform against the national average and against other local areas when considering the key public health outcomes for young people.

Health behaviours in young people

These indicators provide local authority level estimates for several topic areas, based on what 15 year olds themselves said about their attitudes to healthy lifestyles and risky behaviours (self-reported), including diet and physical activity, smoking, alcohol, use of drugs, bullying and wellbeing. For each topic area, the information is shown by gender, ethnicity, deprivation, sexuality, region and local authority.

Other indicators

Other indicators related to young people.

All indicators

These indicators form a comprehensive set of indicators for the health of young people.

Geography: Top tier local authorities and Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) in England

Organisation: Child and Maternal Health Intelligence Network

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Published profiles: Teenage pregnancy and young parent profile report for East Sussex published in July 2018 available below

Teenage pregnancy and young parent profile for East Sussex, July 2018 (Adobe PDF, 414KB) (opens new window)

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