End of Life Care Profiles

These profiles provide a snapshot overview for various geographies in England. They are intended to help local government and health services improve care at the end of life.

The Profiles are grouped into the following domains; Place of Death, Underlying Cause of Death, Mortality Rates, Death in Usual Place of Residence (DiUPR), Dementia (includes Alzheimer’s disease) and Relevant Indicators (i.e. indicators extracted from other PHE's profiles). More domains will be added as soon as they become available.

In each domain, information is presented for persons (males and females) by four age groupings namely; 0-64, 65-74, 75-84, and 85 years or above. When exploring the data on this tool, please note that the most current year available is shown by default in the ‘Overview’, ‘Compare Areas’ and ‘Areas’ tabs, while the ‘Trends’ tab presents all available years of data for each indicator.

Geography: CCGs and Top/Lower Tier Local Authorities in England

Organisation: National End Of Life Care Intelligence Network

External link: http://fingertips.phe.org.uk/profile/end-of-life

Published profiles: Available interactively from the link above

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