Head and Neck Cancer Profiles

Public Health England has developed the United Kingdom Head and Neck e-Atlas which covers the main subgroups of head and neck cancers for the whole of the United Kingdom. The aim of the e-Atlas is to provide the public, health care professionals, commissioners and health service managers with basic information on incidence and mortality for the main types of head and neck cancers in males and females.

The UK Head and Neck Cancer e-Atlas includes incidence and mortality data by Cancer Network, and Strategic Health Authority. The latest data displayed in the Cancer Network and SHA e-Atlases for cancer incidence is is 2007-09 and 2008-10 for mortality.

Geography: LCancer Networks and Strategic Health Authorities (SHAs) in the United Kingdom

Organisation: National Cancer Intelligence Network (NCIN)

External link: Click here for Head and Neck Cancer Profiles

Published profiles: Interactive only from the link above

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