Health Profiles

The Health Profiles online tool

The pdf reports are supplemented by the Health Profiles online tool. The online tool is updated quarterly on the first Tuesday of the month in:

  • February
  • May
  • August
  • November

The data can be accessed by clicking the ‘START, Go to the data’ button.

Data in the online tool are grouped into five domains in the same way as presented on the spine chart on page 4 of the pdf report:

  • Our communities
  • Children’s and young people’s health
  • Adults’ health and lifestyle
  • Disease and poor health
  • Life expectancy and causes of death

These domains are also displayed together in a single list under the heading ‘All spine chart indicators’.

See the ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ section for help with using the online tool.


An additional domain called 'Inequalities indicators' was added to display indicators previously only available in the pdf reports. These are best viewed using the ‘Inequalities’ display option.

Data for these indicators can now be directly downloaded from the Health Profiles online tool using the 'Download' tab.

Geography: Local Authorities (upper and lower) in England

Organisation: Public Health England (PHE)

External link:

Published profiles: 2017 profiles, published in July 2017 and (deprivation map on page 2) revised in April 2018, are available below

East Sussex County Health Profile 2017 (Adobe PDF, 2MB) (opens new window)

Eastbourne Borough Health Profile 2017 (Adobe PDF, 819KB) (opens new window)

Hastings Borough Health Profile 2017 (Adobe PDF, 817KB) (opens new window)

Lewes District Health Profile 2017 (Adobe PDF, 1.1MB) (opens new window)

Rother District Health Profile 2017 (Adobe PDF, 1.1MB) (opens new window)

Wealden District Health Profile 2017 (Adobe PDF, 1.7MB) (opens new window)

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