The Segment Tool - Segmenting life expectancy gaps by cause of death

The Segment Tool has been developed by Public Health England's Epidemiology and Surveillance team and provides information on life expectancy and the causes of death that are driving inequalities in life expectancy at national, regional and local area levels. Targeting the causes of death which contribute most to the life expectancy gap should have the biggest impact on reducing inequalities.
The tool allows users to view the breakdown of the life expectancy gap both within areas, and between a local authority and England as a whole.
The tool is provided in an easy to use Excel workbook, which can be downloaded below. The tool uses macros, and you should make sure that these are enabled before starting to use the tool. A summary report for each local authority is also available.

Geography: Upper and Lower Tier Local Authorities in England

Organisation: Public Health England (PHE)

External link:

Published profiles: Tool can be downloaded from the link above, local profiles, updated in May 2016, are available below

East Sussex Profile (Adobe PDF, 349 KB) (opens new window)


Eastbourne Profile (Adobe PDF, 295 KB) (opens new window)

Hastings Profile (Adobe PDF, 352 KB) (opens new window)

Lewes profile (Adobe PDF, 349 KB) (opens new window)

Rother Profile (Adobe PDF, 349 KB) (opens new window)

Wealden Profile (Adobe PDF, 349 KB) (opens new window)

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