Atlas of Variation in Risk Factors and Healthcare for Liver Disease

This Atlas of variation in risk factors and healthcare for liver disease in England presents 39 indicators which cover: the main risk factors for liver disease - alcohol, obesity and hepatitis B and C, which together may account for as much as 90% of liver disease; aspects of health service provision and outcomes. The Atlas contains some new indicators and some updated from the 2013 NHS Atlas of variation in liver disease. The data is presented in a new format to show not only a map of geographical variation for each indicator’s range of values but also an accompanying map showing the statistical significance of this variation from the England value. Each indicator is also displayed using a column chart showing the distribution for the most recent period of data and a box and whisker plot showing the degree of variation.

Geography: Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) in England

Organisation: Public Health England (PHE)

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Interactive Atlas:

Published profiles: National report, published in September 2017, is available below.

NHS Atlas of Variation in Healthcare for People with Liver Disease, Sept 2017 (Adobe PDF, 14.7MB) (opens new window) 


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