Older People’s Health and Wellbeing Profile

The Older People’s Health and Wellbeing Profile can be used to examine the health and care of older people across local authorities in England. This tool enables identification, comparison and monitoring of trends through interactive charts of 41 indicators.                                                           

The profile is designed to support those responsible for delivering strategies for prevention and early intervention to improve the health and wellbeing of older adults, as well as those providing evidence and intelligence to support the development of Joint Strategic Needs Assessments for their local area. The information provided in this profile is also likely to be of use to a wide range of organisations with an interest in the health and care of older people.

The indicators presented in this profile underline the scope to improve health outcomes by ensuring that all older people receive the opportunities, care and support delivered in the best-performing localities.

What’s new in the tool in February 2017?

  • Profile domains have been altered to the following; Area Summary; Interventions; Safe and Positive Experiences; Equality.
  • A new indicator ‘% clients aged 65+ receiving Self Directed Support’ has been added to the profiles.
  • A number of indicators, previously split across three age bands (65-74, 75-84 and 85+ years) have been consolidated into one 65+ indicator. These are: ‘Deaths from Circulatory Disease, Persons, DSR 65+’; ‘Deaths from Cancer, Persons, DSR 65+’; ‘Deaths from Respiratory Disease, Persons, DSR 65+’; ‘% of Deaths at Usual Place of Residents 65+’; ‘% of total population 65+’.

Geography: Upper and lower tier Local Authorities in England

Organisation: Public health England (PHE)

External link: http://fingertips.phe.org.uk/profile/older-people-health

Published profiles: Interactive only from the link above

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