Projecting Older People Population Information (POPPI)

This view-only system is developed by the Institute of Public Care (IPC). It is for use by local authority planners and commissioners of social care provision in England, together with providers. It is a programme designed to help explore the possible impact that demography and certain conditions may have on populations aged 65 and over.

Originally developed for the Department of Health, this system provides population data by age band, gender, ethnic group, and tenure, for English local authorities.
Calculations are applied to population figures to estimate projected numbers of older people by; those living alone, living in care home, provision of unpaid care, their ability to carry out domestic tasks and self care.
Prevalence rates from research have been used to estimate the impact of; limiting long term illness, depression, severe depression, dementia, heart attack, stroke, bronchitis\emphysema, falls, continence, visual impairment, hearing impairment, mobility, obesity, diabetes and learning disability including Down's syndrome and autistic spectrum disorders (ASD).

Geography: Upper and lower tier Local Authorities in England

Organisation: Institute of Public Care (IPC)

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