Suicide Prevention Profiles

The Suicide Prevention Profile has been produced to help develop understanding at a local level and support an intelligence driven approach to suicide prevention. It collates and presents a range of publically available data on suicide, associated prevalence, risk factors, and service contact among groups at increased risk. It provides planners, providers and stakeholders with the means to profile their area and benchmark against similar populations.

Tool structure - data are presented under the domains: Suicide data, Related risk factors, and Related service contacts. Domains group data by geography (Clinical Commissioning Group or Local Authority) and within that are ordered by topic (e.g. the CCG 'Related service contacts' domain presents data on primary care, then IAPT, then specialist care, and ends with emergency care).

Tool content - data are drawn from a number of sources and vary by time period and presentation of value. Some values are based on small numbers. Care should be taken with interpretation. Detailed meta data are set out in the Definitions section. 

Data quality - data items are included if viewed as robust, of sufficient quality, or offer an important element that could not be otherwise gained. Each indicator has been assessed and labelled with its quality rank.

Important note on female suicide data - the local authority level age group specific crude rates reported are those for the Strategic Transformation Programme (STP) area in which the local authority resides.

Geography: Upper and lower tier Local Authorities, Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) in England

Organisation: Public Health England (PHE)

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