JSNAA Indicator Scorecards and Area Summaries for 2017

JSNAA indicator scorecards present data based on the national JSNA Data Inventory supplemented with other local data:

  • There are two sets of scorecards, providing an National Health Service (NHS) view and a Local Authority (LA) view of local areas in East Sussex
  •  In each view there are 206 scorecards, for different indicators of health and wellbeing, grouped by topic 
    • Each NHS view scorecard shows the range of values for every GP practice, locality/community of practice and CCG, in East Sussex
    • Each LA view scorecard shows the range of values for every ward and district/borough in East Sussex
  • In all scorecards areas are arranged according to deprivation and scores that are significantly different to East Sussex are flagged.

New for 2017 - Communities of Practice in High Weald Lewes Havens CCG
Resources within the NHS view scorecards are available for the 4 communities of practice in High Weald Lewes Havens CCG as well as the 6 localities in Eastbourne, Hailsham & Seaford CCG and Hastings & Rother CCG areas that are part of the East Sussex Better Together programme.

Area summaries are based on the JSNAA scorecard data, and describe each CCG and locality/community of practice (NHS view), or district/borough (LA view), in the East Sussex context.They provide an overview of the area, especially helpful if you are not used to reading indicator scorecards, and include:

    • A key statistics table
    • Topic-based narrative
    • RAG-rating for all JSNAA indicators against East Sussex
    • Other summary charts and tables, for example on hospital attendances and admissions
GP practice and locality/community of practice profiles are also available, based on the NHS view JSNAA scorecard data. They bring together on one chart all available indicators for each East Sussex GP practice, locality and community of practice.

The datasets used to produce the JSNAA scorecards and accompanying metadata can be downloaded as Excel spreadsheets:

Please acknowledge the use of these resources in your work. Source: Public Health, ESCC,