JSNAA Indicator Scorecards and Area Summaries for 2016 (archive)

The JSNAA indicator scorecards present data based on the national JSNA Data Inventory supplemented with other local data. There are two views: the National Health Service (NHS), and Local Authority.

The NHS and Local Authority view scorecards both contain 220 indicators arranged in 5 sections. Area scores that are significantly higher or lower than the East Sussex scores are highlighted.

Area summaries are available for each CCG and locality within the NHS view and for districts/boroughs within the Local Authority view. Area Summaries provide key features of each area, using the scorecards, and are the best place to start if you are new to scorecards.

In the NHS view GP practice and locality profiles are also available.  These bring together all available indicators for each East Sussex practice/locality.

The datasets used to produce the JSNAA scorecards and accompanying metadata can be downloaded as Excel spreadsheets:

Please acknowledge the use of these datasets in your work.
Source: Public Health, East Sussex County Council, www.eastsussexjsna.org.uk/scorecards